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About Us
    Fordham-Thompson Development, LLC (FTD) is a diversified real estate developer with interests in
homebuilding, commercial properties, housing subdivisions, mixed used planned communities and land
holdings. The principal owners are Gary Fordham and David Thompson who have been business
partners in numerous residential and commercial ventures for over twenty years. FTD and its principals
operate their interests through various other companies and in some cases have other partners.
all four drivers in any one community's
product offering is quite a challenge but one for which FTD is committed.

   Many developers will offer two or three components, but very few find the discipline to offer the full
range. These key drivers enhance the value of any FTD community and home offerings to easily stand
out in a highly competitive real estate market.

   Gary Fordham and David Thompson firmly believe in operating their companies by the Golden Rule.
Treat people as you would wish to be treated and business opportunities will abound.
   FTD is known for their curb
appeal in a value line product.
During the past two decades they
have earned numerous prestigious
national and state honors for Sales,
Customer Satisfaction, and Product

   Four keys drive our product
decisions; Quality, Affordability,
Efficiency and Security. To balance
The Chateaubriant Model at Back Water Community in Hattiesburg, MS